Crescent Moon Clothing - the clothes we love to live in!
Recent article in the Burlington County Times...
Established in 1994, Crescent Moon Clothing has grown from
 a hand-painted t-shirt line to a full line of ready to wear
women’s clothing.  After graduating with a fine art degree
from Stockton State College, New Jersey:  Gretchen had
various jobs from retail picture framer to pizza delivery. 
It wasn’t until she was introduced to the art of batik that
 Gretchen found a passion for textiles, garment dyeing , and
design.  She created a line of hand-painted batik t-shirts which
 sold very well at small craft fairs and festivals.  When her sisters
 started having babies, she brought kids clothes to the line. 
When her mother, an elementary school teacher, asked her to design a dress for her.....Crescent Moon Clothing was born.  Named after the favorite batik image that she created...”Crescent Moon Clothing”  sounded perfect.  
 Gretchen has participated in as many as 30 Art and Craft shows each year and has travelled from Richmond, VA to Cape Cod and as far west as Pittsburgh and Rochester, NY.  The travelling has become more difficult, since she is now the mother of a beautiful daughter, Ivy Alice, and a  yellow lab named “Max” and is married to her wonderful husband, Joel.  Gretchen tries to stay closer to home these days.  Visiting the regional shows in the New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC suburbs.  She has a quaint studio in Moorestown, NJ behind a hardware store in an old mill building that is open to the public 3 days a month.  At the studio she also offers works by fellow artist crafters including jewelry, pottery, glass, and much more. 
Crescent Moon Clothing has a motto...”the clothes we love to live in.” From school teachers to stay at home moms, Gretchen has a following of loyal customers  that truly live in her clothes because of their comfort, ease and versatility.  It is a functional , yet funky line that can be characterized as art to wear for everyday. 
Thanks for supporting women in small business and Made in the USA products.

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